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8 stylized prints of birds

50 Vogels

Constructing and hand printing fifty designs of birds that can be found in The Netherlands. The printing formes are built using Lego.

At Grafisch Atelier Hilversum (a very well equipped printmaking studio) we’ve developed a technique for letterpress printing using Lego bricks. Fifty birds is a self initiated project in which we investigate the image making potential of this particular vocabulary of shapes.

As with all manual printing techniques, each color is a separate pass through the press. An individual print takes between three and six passes to complete. Each bird is produced in an edition of twenty so that on completion we will have printed a thousand birds.

The project is still underway, you can find the latest at The info there is in dutch, but do drop us a line if you’re interested in acquiring one or more prints.

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Any questions or requests? Send an electronic mail to roy (@) royscholten .nl